Writing Through

a writing workshop

an experiment with

radical objectivity
accidental aesthetics
doing what you want
not knowing what you’re doing
and, yeah, writing

Dreamt of this for too long.
Got gutted by various syndromes
(from the Greek  σύνδρομος
running together, concurring).
I’ve been running away from writing,
pretending I have other things to do.

If you write,
if you run towards it
or away from it,
let’s play.

The aim is to create and publish.
People and method-driven.
We’ll have a platform.
We’ll make up the rules.

Didn't know what to call it.
A writing  --
workshop, symposium,
gathering, happening, performance?

It was none of those things
and any of those things.
In the good spirit of accidentality,
I opened Édouard Levé’s Autoportrait
at a random page, with my
index finger nudging a word.
That word was through.

Writing Through.

Writing through what stops us and scares us.
Going through it together.
And also each for ourselves.

Whatever we’ll create,
together and individually,
will be it.


intro meet 
writing through
18/1 25/1 1/2 8/2

From 19.00-21.00

on the flipside of Ahornsgade.

4 weeks, 6 spots.


costs cover space, coffee,
sparkling water + netto nuts

You do not have to write in English to participate. We welcome all languages as tools for self-expression, painting an authentic picture
of this here and now.

If you have questions or want to sign-up, write to me at letitia@supertimebooks.com