You do what you want, you live through expression and express through living,
take your pick.
you’re versatile and your vice, that’s it,
you gotta say it,
write it,
picture it,
shape it,

We like the flavor of accidental aesthetics, freak meetings of disciplines that we can put on paper and show it to all our friends. Your friends, too. And your friends’ friends and their distant friends and all the people they might keep in their social media friend clubs. 

We are 

a publishing porch,
a terrace of tryings,
a playful platform,
a balcony at a party
where you go to get away and happen to meet your
future oddball
best friends,

for people who do or do not call themselves artists to bring their creations out into
the hot, burning air.

We publish & curate together, with a sickening focus of interdisciplinary recombinations, the things you’ve been keeping under your hat.

We, like you.