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Instant Masterpiece of Shit


Instant Masterpiece of Shit / book

Instant Masterpiece of Shit /book + riso print A3 poster

Lea Rasovszky's art can be considered as a reflection on the seemingly endless births, metamorphoses, deaths, and ensuing resurrections of pop culture.

The codes, problematics, and dialectics of the factually existing, factually matured pop culture are negotiated anew. Rasovszky's works are characterized by a fresh roughness and rawness.” 
-Jörg Scheller

"Each turn of phrase, Despina opens a new umbrella under her own umbrella. She waves you in to take temporary, twirling shelter in a world
dripping with malaise."
-Andrew Carter

words Letiția Despina
design Ola Korbańska
artworks Lea Rasovszky

Copenhagen, 2021
©Letiția Despina / Lea Rasovszky 

printing&binding The Secret Garden

ISBN 978-87-972744-0-8